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Why Use a Car Kit?

Why Use A Car Kit?
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A Car Kit Provides A More Convenient, Safe

Way to Use Your Wireless Phone While Driving.

If you use your phone in your car, then you know, driving, dialing and holding a phone is an inconvenience and not conducive to the safest driving conditions. Now there is an easy solution! We can install an attractive, professional, hands free kit in your car in an hour or two, at your location, at your convenience.


Drive safer and get more done
This car kit will turn your phone into a more powerful communication tool, allowing you to get more done in a shorter time. Studies and research have shown that you are more effective when you don’t have to hold a phone in your hand. With a car kit, your mind can focus on your conversation, allowing you to be more effective.



We come to you
Most people don’t realize that they have this appealing option when they purchase their phone. We have done thousands of installations for clients of all major phone companies and we offer this same service to you, “on site”, (at your home or office) six days a week.



Looks like it came with the car
Our professional, turn-key service includes everything you need: on site installation, car kit, high gain antenna and mounting hardware. We use Original Equipment Manufactured car kits, designed to give optimal reception, audio quality, ease of use, and maximum durability & longevity for your specific phone. They look great too! Each kit includes: a holder, which charges the battery in the car, a car-mounted microphone positioned for the clearest audio reception, a speaker for the best audio, and an external antenna for the sharpest, clearest and strongest signal reception.



Antennas and hardware that make a difference
We use the highest quality 3db gain enclosed coil antennas, or unity gain antennas, matched to the OEM car kits for the best reception and clearest audio quality as well as the lowest possible wind noise. We also carry Dual Band antennas for multiple carrier or extensive traveling situations. We carry a variety of mounting hardware so that no matter which phone or which vehicle you have, we can position your kit for your easiest and most comfortable use.



“Hassle Free” one year warranty
It does not matter if you own or lease your vehicle. We use a noninvasive installation technique which is attractive and discreet and has a comprehensive one year warranty. It can also be easily removed and reinstalled into a new vehicle for a nominal fee. The prices range from $239.89 to $448.84 and include everything: OEM car kit, antenna, on site noninvasive installation and even sales tax.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment click here to contact us or call toll free (888) 806-0444 or (310) 558-3322. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.




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The Hands Free Car Kit Experts Certified Mobile Technicians Serving All of Southern California