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Privacy Policy

MCC Wireless respects your privacy. This statement provides information about the data we collect, things done with data, and explains that we do not share data with other companies.

Information gathered through cookies

We use "cookies" to establish a session identifier (in technical terms, to maintain state) and recognize a visitor from page to page so we can maintain a "shopping cart" with a list of products a visitor may wish to order. All "cookies" expire half an hour after you leave the site, unless you place an order and indicate you want us to set a cookie for your convenience so you will not have to enter order information on subsequent visits (please note that we do not save bank card data as browser cookies or on the server in any form). Because we use "cookies", if you enter your email address on one form, you will not need to type it again on certain forms.

Information gathered through forms

bulletEmail Address
bulletPerson's Name
bulletPostal Address
bulletPhone Number
bulletFax Number
bulletCredit Card Information

This information is gathered when a request for a free offer or an order is placed so that it can be fulfilled properly. The visitor's name and address are required for delivery by mail. The phone number is necessary because if a question arises with an order, we need to be able to contact our customer. The email address is necessary so that we can send an acknowledgment.

Marketing Profile

Information we request on forms, including "tell us how you discovered this web site" is used to refine our marketing efforts so we can identify other visitors like you with minimal cost and reduce the likelihood of intruding on consumers who are not likely to be interested in our products and services. We will use the "opt-in" email address to send updates or announcements about the site and MCC Wireless' products and services if the visitor indicates interest.

What we do with the information collected through forms

bulletContact you by email
bulletContact you by mail
bulletContact you by phone
bulletSave to improve site

We take orders and requests for free offers that are then used to ship products and free samples. The visitor's name, address, phone, fax, and email address are only used by MCC Wireless and are not shared with third parties.

Changing Information

If you wish to update or change information we've received from you, contact:

Telephone and Fax

Toll Free: 888-806-0444

Local:  310-558-3322
Fax: 310-558-4443


Michael McCarrell


MCC Wireless

10736 Jefferson Blvd., Ste 703

Culver City, CA 90230

Site Coordinator

Please contact Michael McCarrell with any questions regarding this

privacy policy or website.



The Hands Free Car Kit Experts Certified Mobile Technicians Serving All of Southern California